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How to migrate to Australia - Australian visa

How to immigrate to Australia - Australian visas

Are you thinking about migrating to Australia as a permanent resident? May be to work? What about studying in Australia?

Do you feel bedazzled and at loss with the amount of information and huge number of questions about immigration to Australia? May be you cannot find all the right answers to your questions on how to immigrate to Australia?

Migration to Australia is a difficult process requiring investment and a very strong motivation. Australian government receives over 1 million of applications yearly. Only about 110 thousand will be approved. This means that only 10% of applicants will succeed in obtaining Australian visa. If you want your application to be on the list of “approved”, you must make absolutely sure that your application is complete and prepared correctly. If it is not the case, the application will be refused and you will have to start again.

How to migrate to Australia - What visa?

Which visa is right for you?

On our site you can easily find answers on many of your questions about immigration to Australia.

You don’t have to spend your precious time in vain searching for information on internet anymore.

You don’t have to struggle trying to understand the bureaucratic and legal jargon on official government websites.

The references shown below contain general information on some of the categories of Australian visas that our company provides assistance with.
  • Temporary Visas

    – Include visas for the purpose of tourism, work, working holiday, family visits or short business trips. These types of visas are usually issued for 1 to 12 months.
  • Permanent visas

    – Permanent visas including family reunion, relatives, partner and marriage, skilled, regionally sponsored and business visas.

If you are not sure what Australian visa is right for you, or have no idea where to start the process of immigration to Australia, we will be happy to advise you the necessary steps to secure an Australian visa and to successfully migrate to Australia.

To start, you need to register on our website and order an assessment of your chances. Registered users of this site have access to additional resources and have the ability to contact the registered in Australia and either Russian or English-speaking migration agent that can clarify all your questions related to migration to Australia or to obtaining any Australian visa.

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