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Migrate to Australia - Migration Services

General information on migration to Australia and some of the Australian visa categories

Immigration to Australia
Professional immigration includes:
Family immigration includes:
Immigration to Australia - Procedure
Australian Visas and Immigration – What is the problem?
Immigration to Australia – What can I do?
What Our Company can offer?

Immigration to Australia

Australia is the only country in the world occupying the whole continent. Australia is the smallest continent, but the sixth largest country of the world. It is the only nation to manage the entire continent and its outlying islands. To protect the integrity of Australia's borders, the country has a visa system. Foreigners, who wish to visit the country or stay in its territory, must apply for and acquire a permanent or temporary Australian visa. Australian Government has developed and is continuously improving its immigration policies that offer tourists and immigrants the whole spectrum of permanent and temporary visas. In 2012, in Australia, there were around 140 different visas. Roughly, the whole system of immigration to Australia can be divided into 3 major groups that include both, temporary visas and permanent visas (or a visa for permanent residence). These groups are:
  • Professional immigration
  • Family immigration
  • Immigration for refugees - this method of immigration is generally not suitable for the citizens of the former Soviet Union.

Each of these groups is divided further into visas united by certain characteristics.

Professional immigration includes:

  • Temporary business visas and business visas to immigrate to Australia, these include the development of business and investment activities
  • Temporary visas to work in Australia
  • Skilled or professional independent immigration
  • Skilled or professional immigration to Australia that requires a nomination of a state or territory, or sponsorship of the employer
  • Temporary student visas, many of which may allow for a further application for permanent residence in Australia

Family immigration includes:

Temporary visas and visas for permanent residence for family members including parents, children, spouses, partners (including same-sex), brides and grooms, etc

In order to visit or immigrate to Australia you must first apply for one of these visas.

Immigration to Australia - Procedure

Historically, the Australian immigration law is a very complex system, which is based on the Australian Immigration Act passed in 1958. The complexity of the system is due to the application of the Migration Regulations adopted in 1994 and ever changing and being constantly supplemented almost every year. When processing your application for a visa, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia officials apply the internal procedures and policies that further complicate the proper preparation and application process.

Accordingly, the procedure for obtaining a visa is often hard to predict. Without a doubt, you have every right and can apply for an Australian visa and immigrate to Australia. Some potential applicants believe that it is quite easy to get a visa. However, as many of those who went through the process of obtaining a visa to Australia say, it can be a very difficult and confusing undertaking, requiring a lot of time and, most importantly, understanding of the migration laws of Australia, as well as the knowledge of requirements for candidates for one or another type of visa. Ignorance of all the subtleties and nuances of Australian immigration law and the necessary procedures may lead to a negative result and the destruction of all plans for immigration to Australia.

Many factors could cause the denial of a visa. A candidate for a visa may overestimate their ability or to treat the process of obtain a visa to immigrate to Australia without due care. This in turn can negatively affect your application and cause a failure. Not knowing the full procedures for the preparation and submission of documents, as well as providing incomplete or inaccurate information is also a common reason for refusing migration to Australia. If you want to exclude these "pitfalls" of the process of obtaining a visa to Australia, then you need help of a professional and skilled migration agent. A professional agent will save you from unnecessary stress and in the shortest possible time, using the knowledge of all the subtleties and nuances of acquiring visas will help you get a visa for immigration to Australia.

Specialists of Australian Immigration Assistance can help you avoid these mistakes and successfully migrate to Australia. All migration agents working in our company and providing services for immigration to Australia are registered with the office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), which is a branch of the Department of Immigration. Australian migration law prohibits persons not registered as a migration agent from providing immigration assistance. All migration agents have a duty to follow the Code of Conduct and to advance their professional knowledge every year through completion of specific training programs.

This ensures that our registered agents have knowledge of all current regulations and requirements for immigration to Australia. Using the services of our migration agent you will get the most qualified, objective and complete assistance for immigration to Australia. The service will include the selection of and preparation for the most suitable type of Australian visas. The agent can conduct your business with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in Australia on your behalf. With us, you can count on professional support at every stage of the immigration process that will increase the chances of a positive result.

For a an assessment of your chances for immigration, you can fill out a form on our website or call us. We always welcome our clients!

Australian Visas and Immigration – What is the problem?

As already pointed out, it is no secret that anybody can select a visa, prepare all necessary documentation and forms and lodge an application for immigration to Australia. Another commonly known fact is that no matter what sources of information you refer too, the answer to a question whether it is easy to immigrate to Australia will be the same. Immigration to Australia is a difficult, complicated and long process. From over a million of yearly applications only about 10% succeed in obtaining an Australian visa.

So, what is the problem? The problem is in information or to be exact in lack of correct or missing information. Even the official immigration website is known to have an outdated, simplified or missing information. This is the case because Australian Immigration law is considered to be one of the most complex and dynamic areas of law. Every year Australian Parliament approves multiple amendments to the Migration Act and Regulations. To reflect frequent changes in immigration law, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) regularly updates its internal policies that government officials apply during decision making process of all visas. As a consequence, the process of submitting a successful application for an Australian visa becomes considerably complicated which leads to such a small success rate.

Immigration to Australia – What can I do?

We can help you to avoid these problems.

All migration agents working in our company who provide immigration advice are registered with the office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), a discrete office attached to the Department of Immigration. Giving of immigration assistance in Australia by people not registered with MARA is illegal and carries serious criminal penalties. All registered migration agents must follow the Code of Conduct and complete a number of professional courses and re-register every year.

This guarantees that our registered migration agents have the most up-to-date knowledge of all current criteria for immigration to Australia. By using the services of one of our migration agent you will received the most qualified, objective and complete help in assessing your case, selecting the most appropriate category of Australian visa, preparing your application, handling your case on your behalf and communicating with the Department of Immigration (DIBP) until the decision on your Australian visa is made.

What Our Company can offer?

  • The services of a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) who will lead your case
  • Up-to-date knowledge of all current migration laws and policies
  • Honest and qualified help in assessing your chances for immigration to Australia
  • Assistance in any category of visas including temporary visitor, student, employment and business visas and also all visas for permanent residence in Australia
  • Guaranteed educational programs* in Australia that can lead to a right for an employment and further application for permanent residence
  • Personal approach to every case and selection of the best options for your circumstances
  • Unlimited contact in English or Russian with your agent for a quick resolution of any questions associated with your case
  • Affordable prices and service packages tailored from minimal consultation to a complete package that includes preparation of all documents and all communication with DIBP on your behalf
  • Assistance with translation of documents, assessments of your qualifications and English language by relevant authorities, medical tests and police certificates
  • If necessary, assistance with cases reviewed by Migration Review Tribunal
  • Information package to help you relocate to and settle in Australia
  • Assistance with applications for an Australian Citizenship (usually after 4 years of legal presence in Australia and including periods of temporary and permanent residence)

* Educational programs are offered by our partner company Australia & Oceania Travel

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